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Bermuda's Triangle Facts

Mystery surrounds a sea area within an imaginary line connecting the three areas, namely Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Miami in the United States.
Some call it 'Satan's Triangle', 'Limbo the Lost', 'Twilight Zone', and the most famous is called 'Bermuda Triangle - inspired from articles Vincent Gaddis in Argosy Magazine.Although, in the map of the United States, The U. S. Board of Geographic, there's no place called 'Bermuda Triangle'.This region is so one of the most mysterious locations, horror, and scary in the face of the Earth. Moreover, historically, many ships and planes are ingested at that location.Bermuda Triangle legend increasingly crowded moot when on December 5, 1945 at 14:10 local time, five planes piloted by pilots trained from the unity of Flight 19 suddenly lost in the triangle. Though the weather was sunny.The pilot had radioed for help, however, they suddenly disappeared. Aircraft assigned to look for them also disappeared mysteriously. Reported six aircraft and 27 people missing in the incident.Also events USS Cyclops disappearance in 1918, which until now has become the biggest mysteries in the history of the United States Navy.Various kinds of strange allegations emerged, some say aliens are hiding under the sea, a portal to another dimension, methane gas, the location of the lost Atlantis, to the house of Satan, the Beast.However, there is also a more scientific explanation worthy of consideration to answer this mysteryAs in LiveScience page load, there is a logical answer to explain the loss of ships or aircraft in the Bermuda Triangle.Bermuda Triangle area vulnerable to unexpected storms. There is a wave - Gulf Stream - which is very fast and turbulent - swallow flake boats, planes, and its passengers. Erase the evidence of the disaster.Not only that, the Sea in the Bermuda Triangle has a depth of up to 30,000 feet or more than 9,000 yards with topographical conditions can 'swallow' the ship that was never found.
Page History of the United States Navy,, explained that the significant factors that caused the loss of ships in the Bermuda Triangle is a strong ocean current called the Gulf Stream.Before the telegraph, radio and radar found, the sailors did not know there was a storm or hurricane in new light after dekatnya.Bencana was no change on the horizon.The storm came suddenly that's what causes the naval vessel lost in the Bahamas, Saratoga. -Ship and her crew disappeared without trace on March 18, 1781.Also explained that not only in the Bermuda Triangle, many ships other U.S. Navy has been lost at sea because of storms around the world - a sudden.Ships and planes can be lost suddenly in the Bermuda Triangle because of anomalies which could disrupt compass navigation system. Problem of this anomaly ever recorded by Columbus in his voyage.In a number of records noted that the Bermuda Triangle is one of two locations in the world that have anomalies. Another area is the sea of ​​Japan and the Philippines, which is also known by similar names, 'Formosa Triangle'.
Weather factors also contributed to why the ships and planes disappear in Bermuda. Caribbean-Atlantic weather pattern is very extreme. Local storms which cause sudden loud splash that could be a disaster for mariners and pilots.
Satellite studies even prove, the existence of powerful waves as high as 80 feet or even more, occurred in the open sea areas, like the Bermuda Triangle.These waves can destroy large ships and make it to pieces.There is also a factor of seafloor topography in the Bermuda Triangle. From benting [sand dune sea], the island under the sea, until the trench is remarkable.With a combination of strong currents, vessel or aircraft could be trapped on the ocean floor forever.Meanwhile, such as pages loaded Pattayadailynews, May 6, 2010, geochemist, Richard McIver in 1981 introduced the theory of the role of methane hydrates in the Bermuda Triangle mystery.He said, the landslide at the base of the Bermuda Triangle is probable cause mud and boulders hurtling - that finally tore open the veil of the seabed and the gas layer.The gas is then burst and release methane that caused big waves. Gas exploded in the water without warning and makes it difficult every passing ship or aircraft at that location.Which also causes an accident is a factor mnusia. Many sailors with desperate improvised knowledge across the region serawan Bermuda Triangle.U.S. marine guards had been ignoring the factor of myth or fiction in the Bermuda Triangle. According to their experience, the combined forces of nature with all its uncertainty is the culprit of 'defeat' man in the Bermuda Triangle.

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